Recently we had a veteran come to us who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. While he will eventually be wheelchair bound, we’d like to keep him on his feet and independent as long as possible. If we’ve learned one thing working with veterans, it’s that pride is sometimes the only thing they have left after serving their time on the battlefield. We like to help them hold onto it for as long as possible.

To keep active, this veteran is going to need a dog trained to assisit him with walking, retrieving objects, as well as helping him up if he falls. To assist with walking, the dog we place with him is going to need a harness that is comfortable, and can distribute weight, so that no injury will come to the dog.

The harness we have in mind comes from and ranges in price from $425-$555. Since we usually train service dogs for PTSD, this amount is outside of our usual budget per dog, and so we are asking for the public’s support to help us obtain this harness and get our vet back on his feet.

Please note, even a single dollar gets us closer to our goal. Not only would you have our deepest thanks, you will also know you made a difference in a veteran’s life.