Our therapy dog group is extremely active in our local community. Do you and your dog have what it takes to brighten someone’s day, help them heal, or change a life?

Got Your Six Support Dogs is thrilled to offer therapy dog training classes for individuals who would like to volunteer in their community. Therapy dogs are often needed to offer comfort and bring smiles at nursing homes, hospitals, courthouses, libraries, and even places where a crisis has occurred.

If you’re thinking about taking our therapy dog classes, please note the following requirements:

    • Your dog must be at least a year old
    • Your dog must pass both a basic and intermediate group class
    • Your dog must be able to pass an AKC good citizen test
    • Your dog must be able to pass our evaluation and temperament screening.

If your dog meets the above requirements, you can schedule an evaluation screening with the below link. In addition to the screening, dogs must meet the following requirements to become a certified Got Your Six Support Dogs Therapy Dog:

    • Attend a minimum of ten classes. (Our classes are $10 a class. Please click on the “Book Now” link below for scheduling dates.)
    • Participate in ten supervised visits with a senior therapy team member.
    • Pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test along with the AKC Community Canine Test. (Tests are conducted monthly by Got Your Six Support Dogs.)
    • Turn in required forms and pay the $100 supply fee. The supply fee covers the cost of the dog’s vest, badges, and initial order of 250 trading cards. Therapy team shirts can be purchased for an additional cost.
    • To schedule a temperament screening and behavior evaluation, click the “Book Now” button below.


If you are an organization looking for therapy dogs to visit your location, please contact us by clicking here